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Intrusion detection

tailor-made service for your peace of mind!

The attention we pay to our Security Studies (risk analysis) and our duty to advise we can offer you solutions tailored to your needs.

All our solutions are intrusion detection Compatible with all of our services and Remote ARC.


>> Particular:

All our solutions are different because they are tailored to best suit your needs.

A security system for your home is the security of knowing that in case of intrusion in your home, your security system will detect and activate a powerful deterrent sound reducing time presence of the intruder.

For your security, we offer a complete range of intrusion detection systems, specifically dedicated to housing. Easy to use, friendly and efficient, our facilities allow you to calmly deal with your safety.

On a more detailed technical, we build security around your plant (which is the brain of the system security), means starting and stopping (keypad) and specific detectors that we place ourselves in terms of configuration and monitoring areas of your premises.

As soon as the intrusion analyzed, the sensor sends information to the control, which automatically notifies the monitoring center for a specific application and effective your instructions.


>> Professionals:

Our control to guarantee the implementation of intrusion detection solutions of high quality to ensure maximum tranquility vis-à-vis monitoring of your premises.

Our range of high-tech power bring you efficiency, reliability, comfort and conviviality.
Our wide range of products allow us to tailor our solutions to all commercial buildings: SMBs, shops, buildings and large complexes.

Our reputation in terms of quality of security solutions is not related to chance! Our employees are true professionals who all act in concert to establish daily solutions “measures” to ensure the quality of the facilities of our customers for their best satisfaction.

Associated with our service offers remote monitoring and remote maintenance, intrusion detection solutions are designed to provide maximum efficiency for monitoring your premises.

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