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Digital information taking an increasingly important place, ESDATA offers digital storage solutions placed in the heart of a secure and highly available 24h/24 – 365d with VPN access.

The center was designed to provide the highest level of services:

  • Redundant power distribution (including emergency generators).
  • Complete system backup completion N +1 backup system.
  • Multiple broadband connectivity.
  • The air conditioning (fault tolerance) and cooling systems.

The center has a high level of security and surveillance:

  • Security guards on site.
  • Monitoring closed-circuit video.
  • Badge access control.
  • Biometric access control perimeters in requiring the highest level of security.
  • Intrusion detection External / internal (infrared / ultrasound).
  • Security perimeter.
  • Warning signals.
  • Intercom / video system to facilitate communication throughout the building.
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