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Monitoring and emergency management.

ESDATA is the leader in MOROCCO remote monitoring for businesses. We manage for our clients all types of events and offer remote monitoring stations via our various services:

  • Intrusion alarms.
  • Fire alarms.
  • Technical alarms.
  • Rebleed audio / videos.
  • Intercom téléinterpellation.
  • Management opening hours and closing locations.
  • Management of key intervention of physical removal of doubt.
  • Remote monitoring of mobile assets (geolocation).
  • Rebleed video and images.

Information received in each monitoring station requires appropriate treatment. In this sense, it is necessary to anticipate the various scenarios that may arise and to jointly develop actions to be taken upon receipt of an alarm. This preparatory work will optimize the response time and improve the processing of the alarm. In emergency situations, more control of these parameters is accurate, the consequences of the event will be reduced.

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