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communicating GSM / GPRS and allowing the real-time monitoring of the status and mobility of your mobile. These boxes allow you to enter information such as the geographical position of the vehicle, the distance traveled, the route used, driving time or off … These data are transmitted in real time to the server by GPRScommunication ESDATA localization and the Internet.

This information is then processed and organized to provide you with relevant dashboards. Custom activity reports can be edited at any time, manually or automatically, via a dedicated interface, intuitive and easy map viewing with a fast and unlimited access from any computer or smartphone connected to the Internet .

Your data can be exported in various formats (Excel, PDF …) for practical use and integration into your usual management tools.

Options to the application are also available to meet your needs: vehicle maintenance alerts, badges identifiers drivers, vehicle immobilization remote communication GPS, bluetooth or wifi with the driver …

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