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Airport Security

ESDATA secure airlines, airport managers, occupants of the reserved area (ground handling, catering), shippers (FedEx, DHL ..) and all organizations operating in the public area and reserved (Duty Free, hotels , car rental, …). Control baggage boarding control via aircraft security, reception and assistance to passengers, missions operators airport security are diverse and subject to strict regulations.

- Safety:

• Inspection screening of passengers and their cabin baggage.
• Inspection filtering crew, skills and personal items they carry.
• Inspection of hold baggage screening.
• Securing of cargo in the case agent.
• Inspection of the control point of the critical area.
• Support the use of passenger self-service kiosks.
• Home and assistance to passengers.
• Reconciliation and control documentary profiling.
• Station access road inspection filtering (PARIF).                                                                                                                                                                                • Control boarding (passengers, catering, freight).
• Monitoring and excavation safety plane.
• Special audits and visits to air cargo security.
• Secure facilities.

- Fire Safety:

– Service Rescue and Fire Fighting against Aircraft.
– Prevention and fight against fire.
– Monitoring of bunkering.
– Decontamination (parking and maneuvering areas).
– Assistance to persons with reduced mobility.
– First aid.
– Bird Hazards.

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