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Mobile Security

The mobile agent security makes rounds to flextime or not, on several sites. It also conducts operations on alarm within the tele-security missions.

Tasks of the post:

– Perform security checks to prevent malicious easily detectable and risks such as fire or intrusion.
– Respond to perform ambiguity resolution.
– Identify the source of the alarm.
– Prevent or services or to prevent the people concerned, to stop the disorder found.
– Perform appropriate actions to safeguard and ensure the continuity of site protection according to predetermined guidelines and / or instructions of the central station.
– Account of his mission to his superiors, the client through the visit sheet, and possibly utilities concerned.


Including its own security while respecting the rules of the road,
Not endanger the safety of others,
Perform the tasks defined, ensuring their combination, maintain means of access provided.


Job specifications:
The mobile agent security has a non unmarked vehicle with safety devices are maintained in good operating condition.
It has a means of communication for both the exercise of his mission as his personal protection.
It has a list of instructions for each site indicating the location, features opening and closing the specifications of the alarm classes hazards present on the site.
The vehicle is equipped with a GPS device connected to the PC security.

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