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Security Officer

DATA ES has our days of 1500 security guards they provide preventions missions, monitoring and protection of people and property in accordance with laws and regulations and the instructions of his superiors.

Home and Access Control, general supervision and technical security of the site … are also part of its remit.

Protect and assist >>:

It detects intrusions and anomalies, manages incidents. It also carries the appropriate actions to safeguard: assistance to anyone, diagnosis, CPR and first aid (if needed) ….

Intervene and >> inform:

The security officer intervenes at the request of staff authorized to make or an alarm. When the required response exceeds its powers, it is then warns or inform the competent authorities (or their designees) to stop the disorder concerned.

After any intervention, he informs his superiors or public safety services (police and gendarmerie) through an account of a “handrail” (complaint) handwritten or computerized radio communication.


* Resistance and composure:

Sense of observation, consistency and fitness qualities required in this profession. In order to use the most effective means of relief and assistance, the security officer must keep his cool and react quickly, especially in case of fire alarm or alert.


* Respect the rules:

Compliance with professional standards and collective agreements while combining safety requirements: this is what the security guard must always bear in mind. Ease in contact with the public and the emergency services is also required.

* Expression required:

In parallel, real communication skills (oral and written) are essential to make clear the facts to the police or to the hierarchy.

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