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Safety Audit

The security audit is a methodical process, independent and documented process for collecting objective data to determine the extent to which they comply with the requirements of the standards of the field and to measure the écarts.Suite an event involving your safety or as part of a risk management approach, you want to know the status of your organization vis-à-vis a set of standards (rules of the art, standards, management system).

- Objectives:

  • Knowing the threats to your company.
  • Highlight the strengths and vulnerabilities in your security.
  • Recommend methods of treatment.

- Methodology: Audit field.

  • Data collection on the website (s) (s) (comprehensive inventory of mechanical and electronic means dedicated to the protection of the periphery, perimetry and interior volumes) and the organization ofsafety (study and analysis the document database).
  • Identifying sources of hazards and threats to your business are subject t.
  • Photography Prevention measures and means of safety.

- Methodology: Survey data.

  • Comparative analysis of vulnerabilities / Prevention measures and human and material resources of Security.
  • Gap analysis.
  • Recommendation of the treatment differences.

- Deliverables: Report and summary.

  • State places.
  • SAFETY PARTNER notice.
  • Recommendations accompanied by budget estimates.
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