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ESDATA Human Security

Benefits host monitoring, fire prevention, control and human intervention form the best basis for a security device. Tools and procedures complement this device, but human, not its analytical capabilities, adaptation and reaction is always the key.

Therefore, ES DATA offers many years of services provided by specially trained staff for each type of mission, namely:

  • Reception.
  • The monitoring service safety and security:
    • Access control and filtering.
    • Round of monitoring pedestrian and motorized.
    • Round prevention.
    • Intervention alarm and rebleed.
    • Inspection personnel, vehicles and goods.
    • Maneuvering emergency vehicles.
    • Use of metal detection devices, Explosives.
  • Service dedicated to fire safety, assistance and rescue of persons:
    • Port & Airport and infrastructure.
    • High-rise building (IGH).
    • Public Buildings (ERP).
    • Establishment Receiving Workers (ERT).
    • Installation Classified for the Protection of the Environment (ICPE).
  • Monitoring tools Security Central Station (PCS).
  • Management team on site (leader position).
  • Management teams on site (supervisor).
  • The management of safety / security (responsible for fire safety and / or security).
  • Control services provided on several sites (controller).
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