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Security or safety?


The business of security, which currently tend to develop, in conjunction with the context of both national and international, can be grouped around two concepts should be distinguished:

* For security and preventive measures intended to combat reactive against accidental risks posed by man,
machine nature. It is the fire of machine breakdowns, accidents at work, pollution, floods, etc.. Security is linked to the notion of unintentional accident. * Safety for the preventive and reactive measures that will fight against the risks to humans. It is mainly fraudulent appropriation, damage, vandalism, sabotage, steals information, etc.. Security is linked to the notion of accident voluntary, malveillance.Cependant the distinction is not so simple in practice. Indeed, an incident, starting from purely technical, can be an opportunity intrusion of a malicious nature (eg looting on a disaster site). This is why the activities as well as training in these trades inevitably involve both aspects, but with dominant that vary according to the context of those activities. Safety activities are carried out mainly in enclosed spaces (buildings of residential or business) at the entrance of which are put in place access controls to protect property and the values they contain against any act of negligence, but also malicious.Security activities are performed rather in public open spaces. If this is a public road, these activities are the National Police. In contrast, in the case of open places, but the status and management are private (malls, large stores, stadiums and other places of business event …), their monitoring agents is private security.
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