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Fire detection

Fire safety of your premises is often crucial. Even if such claims still seems very unlikely,      very necessary to anticipate the risks that your site present in this area.

Our range of plants and fire detectors detect sophisticated early warning of any outbreak of fire in order to allow the implementation of security measures, if the diffusion of signaling evacuation of staff and if necessary the implementation secure your premises.

We are certified for many years as qu’installateurs of fire detection system, and like all our solutions, fire detection is being careful study and tailor to your needs.

>> Small and medium sites:

Associated with our specific detectors, arrays of signaling our conventional range suitable for installations of small and medium-sized (industrial buildings or public buildings ERP).

The products in this range are particularly well suited to the needs of commercial sites, industrial and ERP such as:

  • Office buildings.


 >> sites Great:

The products of our addressable range are specially designed to be installed in different types of buildings:

  • Private institutions or industrial
  • Establishments open to the public (ERP) such as shopping centers, hospitals, hotels, etc..

The modular architecture of these products can offer solutions for fire detection that adapt to the needs of all customer sites as well as a very simple implementation of future extensions based on the evolution of sites equipped.

Our range of addressable detectors latest generation associated with our offer table signaling allow us to offer you the best solutions to your needs based on local monitoring:

  • SME / SME.
  • School buildings for small and medium size.
  • Hotels
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