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BMS (Building Management System)

The primary objectives of the video protection:

  • Monitor sensitive areas of your business, or any other area requiring attention.
  • In the case of a store, video projection allows to control customer flow, the entrance of the store to the line of credit, monitor traffic movement and radiation (including radiation risk).
  • Secure the flow of money and goods across their circuits.
  • Secure the periphery of your operation (parking, traffic external reserves deported …).
  • Monitor, record, analyze and transmit information to perform video verification or images from our remote monitoring stations.

Today, digital technology:

  • perform a rebleed images / video in the video projection services.
  • view images remotely to communicate between the various systems (intrusion, access control, video surveillance …). It is the role of “supervisor”, a powerful software that enables the operator to manage video from the PC all the elements related to site security.
  • maximize the effectiveness of systems: recording only if such event.
  • manage multiple sites through a centralized monitoring software.

A range of tools for video management, recording or transmission of images remotely.


Digital Recorders >>:

Used to store, transmit or use the recorded images in a simple and

Software >> Operating

provides the ability to view images in real time, replay recorded images (alarms), make settings and recordings remotely.

Matrices >> Switching

Associated with a keyboard control, they allow the user to monitor the entire site and manipulate points mobile video.

Supervision >>:

Controls the video projection system vidéoprojection site through a plane graph.

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