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The fight against shoplifting is a constant struggle for all traders.
But given the workload of managing a store, it is impossible to legitimately spend time to monitor customers. On the other hand the cost is the use of agent can be very profitable in the long term. A much safer and more economical to dramatically reduce shrink, is offered by the installation of gantries alarm.

Advanced technology in the service of the security of your store.


How does a portal alarm?

The portico consists of a lock or two antennas (terminals) placed at the exit of your store.
Its use involves placing each item on a magnetic marker theft.
When a thief tries to go out with an article whose marker has not been demagnetized when paying cash, the portal detects this and triggers the  . Three different technologies alarm gates are available:


Gantry lock radio-frequency

This electronic system sends radio-frequency (typically 8.2 MHz) in short and regular intervals.
The label or marker lock is constituted by an amplifier wave.
When a marker not demagnetized passes near the gate alarm, it amplifies the signal which is sent to the second antenna and triggers the alert.

This system can operate with a single antenna when accessing narrow.
It has the advantage of detecting labels easily. Demagnetization takes place by a quencher at the same time as reading of the barcode at the checkout.
The system is virtually invisible to the client, but also for staff
This technology is the most economical (labels very cheap) and the most used. Ideal in supermarkets where there are lots of products to protect, as well as stores CD / DVD / Video Games.


Gantry theft acousto-magnetic

Invented by the American company Sensormatic, this technology is the most recent. Porticos alarm create a magnetic field between them and around them. Labels associated with this technology are composed of two ferromagnetic blades begin to vibrate as they pass through the magnetic field then triggering the alarm. This technology helps protect wider entry (up to 5 meters) and wide corridors.

Labels that associate themselves can be very small, adhesive or insertable. They help protect sensitive items small (perfumes, cosmetics, razor blades …).
Recommended for boutiques and specialty shops.

Gantry electromagnetic lock

antennas contain a transmitter that generates a magnetic field high or low frequency. The labels are made of a metal strip made from a metal alloy which saturates at a very low magnetic intensity. The lock gates are traversed by an alternating electric current.
When the marker not demagnetized through the portal, it produces a disturbance that triggers the alarm.
Labels which consist of a very thin metal strip, are activatable and deactivatable. Especially recommended for libraries and media.

Design and skins

The  locks will offer three kinds of different portals alarms can adapt the design of your store.
A gantry naked form metal tube, sober and discreet
A nice wood paneling and rustic
A gantry Plexiglas, modern and may optionally contain a billboard.

The estimate is free. The installation of the gantry and its maintenance are included in the service contract provided by the supplier.

To protect your shop equip yourself with a portico theft adapted requesting a quote for one of our many suppliers.

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